Monday, July 11, 2016

How to get Pokemon GO outside the US #PokemonGO

How to download Pokémon GO for iOS from outside the US

The iPhone Pokémon GO game is available in the USA and a few other countries. Here's how to get it if you live elsewhere.

You need:
  • A computer that can (1) run iTunes and (2) sync with your iPhone or iPad
  • An email address for which you do NOT already have an iTunes account. If necessary, just create a fresh email account on gmail or your preferred service.

Before doing this, make sure that you know your regular iTunes log-in information. You'll need it to be able to log back into your regular account when you're finished.

On the computer, launch iTunes, then select Apps then App Store. Then scroll right down to the bottom of the page.

App Store

You'll see a flag at the bottom right. My main account is Irish, so it's an Irish flag. Click on the flag.


This opens a "Choose your country or region" page.
Click on the United States option.
This sends you back to the App Store page, but now the flag at the bottom right is the Stars and Stripes.


Now search the store for "Pokémon GO" (or even "pokemon go").
Click "Get" on Pokémon GO.

Pokemon GO

You'll be asked for your login details.
DO NOT enter your usual information: you'll be told that the app is unavailable in your country.
Instead, click "Create New Apple ID", then "Continue".

DO NOT use your usual ID

Carefully read and consider the terms and conditions. Consult your lawyers. Agree if you want.


This is where you'll use your new email address to set up a US-based account.
Fill in the details using that fresh email, then click "Continue".

Identity is fluid

You'll be asked to select a payment method. Select "None".
Under the billing address, enter whatever name you want and use a US address. (Maybe get googling and pick somewhere).
Then click "Create Apple ID".
This sends a verification email to the new address you used.

Be who you want to be

Once you've verified the account, go back to the App Store page for Pokémon GO and click "Get" to download the app to your computer.

If iTunes asks you to log in, use your new US-based account details.

When the app is downloaded, sync with your iPhone or iPad and add the app to the device.

When the sync is finished, disconnect your iOS device.

Go back to the main App Store page and scroll back down to the flag.

Click the flag to get back to the "Choose your country or region" page.

Click on the flag for the country you normally use (in my case, Ireland).

The next time you want to use the store, enter your usual iTunes account information and you'll be able to use the store and sync as normal.

On your iPhone or iPad, start up Pokémon GO.

You will need a Pokémon Trainer Club account to log in and get started.

If you need to create a new Trainer account, you'll find that the servers are often busy. Just keep checking and you'll get in eventually.

Have fun and don't walk into traffic…