Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tour of Britain Calendar 2013 ics calendar British Cycling

As usual, you use and take this on an as-is basis, no warranty, etc. If you want to check it's legit then open it up in any text-editor and you can inspect the code. It's as accurate as we can make it (we'll be using these calendars ourselves) but we can't guarantee that it is error-free. If you spot any mistakes then do please let us know through the comments.

The entries include the stage length in kilometres and miles (for the Americans and olde worlde Brits ;) ) and listings for intermediate sprints (S) and for climbs (C1 for category 1, C2 for category 2, etc.), with distances for each.
We'll update if and when we have more detail. In the meantime, enjoy.

Download: Tour of Britain 2013 Calendar v1

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PS We hope to have a World Championship calendar available in the next few days. Oh well…