Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Media Hint for Android Firefox Mediahint

Use Media Hint in Firefox on Android

Access BBC iPlayer, Hulu and more

(Just because this works for me doesn't mean it will work for you. You're doing this at your own risk - so make a back up.)

Open Firefox on your Android device.

Enter the URL Address about:config

Search for the setting network.proxy.type and set it to 2.

(Setting this to 2 tells Firefox to use proxy auto-configuration (PAC). In the next step you'll direct this to the PAC file that Media Hint uses.)

Now search for the setting network.proxy.autoconfig_url

Set this to https://mediahint.com/default.pac

Now quit and restart Firefox then try loading iPlayer. It should work.

If it doesn't work then to reverse this go back into about:config and reset network.proxy.type to 5. (This tells Firefox to use your Android system proxy settings.) Then go to network.proxy.autoconfig_url and simply remove the link to the mediahint pac. Restart Firefox and you should be back as you were.

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1 comment:

Ian said...

Thank you for this, gives US Netflix on my Nexus 4.
Firefox v23 installed.
Brilliant !