Friday, December 14, 2012

iTunes 11 Downgrade: How to go back and revert to iTunes 10 Mac OS X

iTunes 11 Downgrade: How to go back and revert to iTunes 10

It's worth bearing in mind that you can do things like get the sidebar back in iTunes 11, but if you decide you want to ditch iTunes 11 try this…

The simplest procedure is to get the old 10.7 version of the iTunes application from Apple. Here's a direct download link:

Then get the free application Pacifist:

The iTunes application comes in the form of a .dmg or Disk Image file. Normally you would just run that and install the application. Pacifist, however, allows you to open up the Disk Image and select how you want to use it.

Before you run anything - make a full back-up. Use Time Machine or whatever you use for your regular and careful back-up procedure. (Just because this works for me doesn't mean it will work for you. You're doing this at your own risk - so make a back up.)

Open up Pacifist. You'll see an option to "Open Package". Click it, then find the iTunes10.7.dmg file that you downloaded from Apple and select that. Click Open.

Pacifist will show you a list of the contents of iTunes10.7.dmg. You'll see an entry for Contents of Install iTunes. Select that, then click the Install button at the top left of the Pacifist window. This should reinstall iTunes 10.7 and all the system files that go with it.

Restoring your library

You may need to revert to your old iTunes library. It will be a file ending .itl in here:

[User] - Music - iTunes - Previous iTunes Libraries

If there's more than one you should be able to find the most recent one by comparing the dates in the filenames. Rename it iTunes Library.itl and then copy it into the iTunes folder (i.e., in [User] - Music - iTunes), where it will replace the newer one created when you reinstalled the 10.7 version of iTunes. Note that this will restore your library as it was at the time you upgraded to iTunes 11. If you changed anything since that upgrade you'll have to redo those changes.

If you have persistent problems with items that are on your Mac but missing from the library, try this script:

Music Folder Files Not Added

This Apple support article may be useful, too.

iTunes: How to re-create your iTunes library and playlists

Deleting iTunes on Lion OS X 10.7

You might have trouble getting iTunes deleted off Lion to make way for the version you want. From OS X 10.7, iTunes was more closely integrated with the OS so removing it can be a bit more tricky than it used to be. If you run into problems with this, check out this discussion on deleting iTunes.

Mobile factory reset problems

If you have problems with mobile devices asking for a factory reset, see this discussion. It suggests deleting the file iTunesCDB from the mobile device.

If you still have problems then it may be time to restore that back-up that you made. You did make a back-up, didn't you…?