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Amateur Photography Awards Shortlist Irish Times UPDATE 2013-11-26

UPDATE: The 2013 Shortlist is online here:

The 2012 shortlist for the Irish Times Amateur Photography Awards, with links. Each category links to a Picasa album of thumbnails and to an album of larger versions.

The category winners have been announced so I've marked them with an asterisk in the lists below. I've also added a full list of the winners below. Congratulations to them all.

The original shortlist announcement didn't mention the "Source Set" category called "The Source Set" but that category was won by Claire Duggan with "Empty Spaces". The project can be seen on her website.

For each image, copyright belongs to the photographer and I make no claim to it. I am providing this post merely to facilitate and encourage discussion.

Photographer of the Year:
Amaia Arenzana (for Ad Infinitum, Dreaming In Colour On A W, and A Little Narcotic Warm)

Best Picture of the Year:
Shadow Man by Aideen McFadden

Category Winners:
1st Place: Mike Finn: God In The Lane
2nd Place: Bob Morrison: Boora Bog Parklands #1
3rd Place: Michael O Grady: China: Bus Park

1st Place: Aideen McFadden: Shadow Man
2nd Place: Joby Hickey: Nude
3rd Place: Mads Bruun: Dissolve

1st Place: Des Cannon: Synchronised Snacking
2nd Place: Kieran Phelan: Sparring Egrets
3rd Place: Norma Gleeson: Food For A Long Journey

1st Place: Amaia Arenzana: Ad Infinitum
2nd Place: Philip Sliney: Into The Mist
3rd Place: Amaia Arenzana: Dreaming In Colour On A W

1st Place: Ferdinand Von Korff Schmising: Daria
2nd Place: Derek Byrne: Harry
3rd Place: Ann Francis: Face

1st Place: Aoife Hester: The Train To Rosslare
2nd Place: Bronwen Casson: Desert Truck Stop, Yemen
3rd Place: Declan Kilcourse: Dubai Skyline

1st Place: Claire Duggan: Empty Spaces. (See her website.)
2nd Place: Cristiano Del Ma: Folk Souls. (See for example here, and also his flickr page.)
3rd Place:Alistair Waddell: In God We Trust. (See for example here, and also his flickr page.)


Category : Colour 
[Picasa Gallery of Thumbnails]
[Picasa Gallery of Originals]
Gary Sanchez: Green Goblin
Emer O Shea: Stranger On The Shore
Martin Dennany: Where's Goldilocks?
Brian Hutchinson: Canal At Castleknock
Marion Galt: The Wall
Shirley Milburn: The Boatshed
Jim McMorrow: Constance At Holy Well
Peter Mooney: Sunflower
Bob Morrison: Boora Bog Parklands #1
Barton Egan: Dead Vlei - Namibia
Clare Coyle: Bubble Man
Michael O Grady: China: Bus Park
T. Michael Redmond: Monument Valley Storm
*Mike Finn: God In The Lane
Sean O Domhnaill: Derry Doorway
Geoff Greenham: Playing With Water
Michael Foley: Colours Of Rajasthan

Category : Monochrome 
[Picasa Gallery of Thumbnails]
[Picasa Gallery of Originals]
Liam Mulkeen: Shop Window Camden St 2
Gordon Hart: Monochrome 1
John Butler: Old Age
David Kelly: Reach Me By Chairoplane
David Kelly: Underwater World
Joby Hickey: Pigeon Towers
Joby Hickey: Powerscourt Townhouse
Joby Hickey: Irish Sailor
Joby Hickey: Nude
Karolina Ostrowska: Through The Looking Glass
Paul Lanigan: Returning Home
Mads Bruun: Dissolve
Adrian Hickey: Thirsty
*Aideen McFadden: Shadow Man
Gavin Leane: Snow To Still A Fox

Category : Nature 
[Picasa Gallery of Thumbnails]
[Picasa Gallery of Originals]
Mary Twomey: Common Blue Butterflies
Mary Twomey: Immature Common Darter
Mick Bolger: Kingfisher Lunch
Jason Town: Ant
Jason Town: Perching Fly
Jason Town: Wasp On Bud
Norma Gleeson: Food For A Long Journey
Michael Carroll: Locust Nymph
Noel O Connell: The Preacher
T. Michael Redmond: Sea Otter Crab Feast
Neil O Reilly: Hen Harrier Hunting 1
Neil O Reilly: Hen Harrier Hunting 2
Patricia Ronan: Swan And Cygnet
Brendan Lawlor: Flying Flower
Donal Glackin: Garden Goldfinchs
Kieran Phelan: Sparring Egrets
*Des Cannon: Synchronised Snacking
Fintan McTiernan: Catch Of The Day

Category : Open
[Picasa Gallery of Thumbnails]
[Picasa Gallery of Originals]
Michael Crean: Clash Of The Ash
Erica Coburn: Budding Imagination
Gary Sanchez: Laundry Day
*Amaia Arenzana: Ad Infinitum
Amaia Arenzana: Dreaming In Colour On A W
Philip Sliney: Into The Mist
Sofiya Finbow: Above The Lake
Eric Dunne-Magner: Ballygarvan Shed
Tom Whelton: Frosty Morning
Eibhlin Heard: Rough Hand
Vladimir Morozov: Miss Summer
Chris Jones: Girl In Fog
Renee Summers: Dark Skies In Dingle
McGrath Anne: Spray Flight
Paul Edmondson: Friendship Falls
To Ni: Unnamed
Maggy Morrissey: Greystones Pier South
Kieran Culleton: Time Goes By
Frank Keane: Devolution
Paul Ruane: Self Portrait-portrait

Category : Portrait
[Picasa Gallery of Thumbnails]
[Picasa Gallery of Originals]
Derek Byrne: Harry
Derek Byrne: The Captain
Sean Monaghan: The Fish Smokers
To Ni: Unnamed
*Ferdinand Von Korff Schmising: Daria
Ferdinand Von Korff Schmising: Swetlana, Now And Then
Virginia Kelleher: Three Sisters
Mark O'Connor: Hoodie
Pawel Pentlinowski: Mesmerizing Eyes
David Behan: Fisherman's Friend
Ann Francis: Face
Patricia Herrero Ferriol: Elena
Christina Prendergast: Familiar Surroundings
Geoff Greenham: Liz And Rick
Adrian Parkinson: Old Man
Adrian Parkinson: Roma Family Portrait
Michael Foley: Sri Lankan Widow
Adrian Parkinson: Women And Puppy
Conor McMahon: Rule Of Forth
Grainne Gavigan: Dancer At Rest
Pádraig O Donoghue: Pa Mac Blacksmith At Work
Owen OGrady: Eimear

Category : Travel
[Picasa Gallery of Thumbnails]
[Picasa Gallery of Originals]
Amaia Arenzana: A Little Narcotic Warm
Michael Kossack: Young Explorers
Nathan Richardson: Dragon Rising
*Aoife Hester: The Train To Rosslare
Liam Berrington: Goodbye From North Korea
Patricia Mulkeen: Plane Parking Nairobi
Cathal Twomey: Summer Holidays 2012 Eire
Derek Byrne: West Ireland
John Butler: Knitting Socks Georgia
Bronwen Casson: Al Hajarah Yemen
Bronwen Casson: Desert Truck Stop, Yemen
Brendan Lawlor: The Hair-dresser
Joseph Martin: The Observers
Brendan Ó Sé: Hanoi Barber Waiting
Yvonne Kelly: Reflecting On Reflections
Viv Buckley: Early Morning Tuscany
Maggy Morrissey: Rush Hour In Venice
Adrian Hickey: Pause-Saigon,Vietnam
Adrian Hickey: Afloat
Rob ONeill: Rainy Season Zanzibar
Declan Kilcourse: Dubai Skyline


Patrick Dinneen said...

Thanks for posting all of these. Some great photos there. I really love Maggy Morrissey: Rush Hour In Venice
Good luck to everyone who made the shortlist.

Anonymous said...

How did you get access to the photos the announcement had no link to the photographers images?

The Skanger said...

Anonymous - the IT's original announcement did have links.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update - any idea of who came second and third on each category?

Anonymous said...

Do you know the winners of the silver and bronze awards?

Or when/how that will be announced

Denis Hegarty said...

Many Thanks for showing the results.

The Skanger said...

I'm afraid I don't know when any further announcements about winners will be made. The schedule on PicTurk only runs up to November 17th and "Finalists Announced in The Irish Times". It doesn't mention when they expect to announce the overall winners and category winners.

Anonymous said...

The original IT post has been updated to provide the runners up results too. I was surprised with some of the choices, especially in the travel category where they didn't all really seem to fit the brief. But I guess it's very subjective at this stage of the competition. I'm also surprised that Joby Hickey qualified for an amateur award.

Anonymous said...

Agreed about the Travel competition. That one with the dogs was one of the weakest in the category. Also, the colour one had far better runners up than the winner. The overall photog of year was well-deserved though.

Denise Eckert said...

Wonderful photos - if you are looking for more contests - go to:
Amateur Photography News