Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tour de France Calendar 2012 ics calendar UPDATED X 3 #tdf #tdf2012

UPDATE (24 October 2012)
An early version of the 2013 Tour de France calendar is available here.

As usual, you use and take this on an as-is basis, no warranty, etc. If you want to check it's legit then open it up in any text-editor and you can inspect the code. It's as accurate as we can make it (we'll be using these calendars ourselves) but we can't guarantee that it is error-free. If you spot any mistakes then do please let us know through the comments.
The original version used the route found by VeloPeloton (also visible here).  This version updates it with:

1) Corrected distances for each stage based on official figures;

2) Climbs listed for the high mountain stages.

The climb listings follow this format, as seen on stage 10:

194.5km: 90km Côte de Corlier (762m) 6.4km to 5.5% C2; 151.5km Col du Grand Colombier (1501m) 17.4km to 7.1% HC; 174km Col de Richemond (1051m) 7.2km to 5% C3.

That means the stage is 194.5km long and the first climb comes at 90km into the stage. It is the Côte de Corlier, has a maximum altitude of 762m, is 6.4km long, has a gradient over that of 5.5%, and is classed as Category 2. The second climb is the Colombier and it comes 151.5km into the stage, etc.

We'll update if and when we have more detail. In the meantime, enjoy.

Download: Tour de France 2012 Calendar v2

v3 UPDATE (8 July 2012)
This version adds further detail of sprints and climbs.

Download: Tour de France 2012 Calendar v3

OLYMPIC UPDATE (16 July 2012)
I'm hoping to have calendars for the Olympic cycling events (road race, ITT, XC, BMX and track) posted on here in the next few days.

OLYMPIC UPDATE 2 (17 July 2012)
Olympic cycling calendars now available here.

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Anonymous said...

nice. if I update it with more details (climb cats. etc) ill you be able to put that up ?

Tony said...

Hi - Great work - very helpful - unfortunately all of the description doesn't load into Google Cal or Apple's iCal - surrounding it with " " seems to fix it.

The Skanger said...

Thanks Tony. It was originally created in and exported from iCal, and I just downloaded the ics from Mediafire and imported it successfully back into iCal 5.0.3 on OS X 10.7.4. The descriptions loaded ok. Maybe it's a version-specific issue? I haven't checked Google Cal yet. Hopefully the quotes fix will work for anyone else who encounters the same issue.

The Skanger said...

@Anonymous There are more details now added for sprints, climbs, etc.