Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hide "Who to follow" in new-new twitter using Adblock

Block the "Who to follow" panel in the new new twitter

This works in Firefox, but the principle should be the same for other versions of Adblock.

With twitter open in your browser, click the red Adblock ABP badge and select "Preferences…" (or click "Tools" in the Firefox menubar then select "Add-Ons" and then hit "Preferences" for the Adblock add-on).

With the Adblock Preferences pane open, click "Add filter…" and enter this:


to create a new entry, which should appear under "My Ad Blocking Rules" once you hit ok and close the preference pane. Reload the twitter page and the "Who to follow" section should be gone.

If you don't use Adblock then do a web search for userChrome.css and use a personalized stylesheet to block the relevant page element.


Djibril said...

Thank for this. With a bit of trial and error, I was also able to block the Trending Topics tab with the string:


It's a running battle, keeping up with Twitter's compulsive interface upgrades.

Zarkonnen said...

Note that you also have to set your trends to "Worldwide" for this to work.

The Skanger said...

My own trends are not set to "Worldwide" but it still works just fine. (Mine are set to Japan. YMMV.)