Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to get iCal with iCloud working in Snow Leopard 10.6 [Ux2]

I have synced iCal on Snow Leopard with my iCloud iCal. So far, I have got all the calendars and events to show up on the 10.6 Mac, but I haven't yet tested syncing from the 10.6 machine to iCloud and on to my 10.7 Mac [I have tried this now and it works ok.]. I don't have an iOS device so I can't test that.

  1.  Get your AppleID email address and password, and your iCloud CalDav server address (instructions for finding it are below)
  2. In iCal on Snow Leopard 10.6 click:
    • iCal
    • Preferences…
    • Accounts
    • +
  3. Select CalDav as Account type
  4. Enter the following:
    • User name = your AppleID email address
    • Password = your AppleID password
    • Server address = your CalDav server name
  5. Click create

What is my CalDav server name?
Mine is, but I have seen others using or, so experiment with different numbers.

If you have iCloud running on a Lion 10.7 Mac then you can get your server name by following the instructions at the foot of this entry (in UPDATE: How to find your CalDav server name on a Lion 10.7 Mac).


On the 10.7 Mac I still have iSync. I kept it so that I can sync with an old mobile phone. With iCloud set up for iCal 5.0.1 on the 10.7 Mac, I opened iSync and looked at the calendars listed under the device (my old mobile phone). The list allows you to select which calendars you want to sync to the device, listing each one. In my case, each calendar entry on that list now takes the form:

{Calendar Name}[{AppleID email address}@{iCloud CalDav server name}]

My {iCloud CalDav server name} is {} but your mileage may vary for that one. I have seen reports of users having a different number, so the address is the same except for p02 or p04 and so on instead of p06. (Omit the curly brackets when you're actually entering these things.)

I made a note of the part in square brackets above and then switched to the 10.6 Mac, where I opened iCal 4.0.4. There I selected iCal then Preferences… and hit the Accounts tab. I clicked + to create a new account and selected CalDav as Account type. Then I entered the following:

User name: {AppleID email address}
Password: AppleID password
Server address: {iCloud CalDav server name}

Next I clicked create. The account loaded all my iCloud calendars into the sidebar in iCal 4.0.4, listed under the heading of my AppleID email address.

I'm not sure how this could be done without iSync on the 10.7 machine, but I'm sure that a copy iSync can be found somewhere by those who really want it. I'll leave that up to you.

I have tested push syncing from 10.6 to 10.7 and vice versa and both work fine.

UPDATE: How to find your CalDav server name on a Lion 10.7 Mac

If you don't have iSync then it may be possible to get the server address from one of the info.plist files in the Calendars folder inside your Library in Lion. (If you can't see that folder in Finder click Go and then select Go To Folder… Then enter


and hit Go.) In that Library folder look in Calendars and then check the folder that ends .caldav - on my 10.7 Mac there's an info.plist file in there that mentions the correct server for me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

P Strandoo said...

Thanks for this. Any thoughts on the more troublesome Address Book/Contacts Sync?

Anonymous said...

That was easy. Thanks for the information.

David said...

Thanks for the how-to. Got icloud to work on my snow leopard ical.

The Skanger said...

@P Strandoo No luck with that, I'm afraid. I've tried various configurations without success.

alex said...

Thanks for that, I'm back on with my iPhone (iOS5) reminders on my iCal (on Snow Leopard) after downgrading from Lion. Much appreciation for the how-to, worked great.

Anonymous said...

I already have a mobileMe a/c and wonder if that causes a problem, eg do I have to flick a 'switch' somewhere to close the mobileMe a/c before the iCloud one will work?

When I follow these instructions I get the same result for all 10 possible caldav servers;;; the a/c seems to work after a delay, but for this catch: my same 4 mobileMe calendars opens each time, but every time they are all grey and not selectable.

Suggestions? Tia,
PS login first dozen attempts failed cos I could never match your anti-robot text... is it really meant to be this hard?

The Skanger said...


I never used MobileMe so never had to deal with that transition. The move is discussed here:

and that includes a link to:

So, it looks as if there is some sort of 'switch' that needs to be flipped to transition from one system to the other.

I have seen some comments on support forums from people who found that it took a while for the servers to catch up with their move from MobileMe to iCloud. They got the greyed-out calendars for a couple days and then things started to work for them.

As I said, I haven't had to deal with this so you may have more luck finding help on one of the busier Mac forums.


I hope you get it working.

PS No, it's not meant to be hard and thankfully for most people it hasn't been.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I now have iCal on my iCloud working with Snow Leopard. EXCELENT!

IAR said...

Thank you! It worked.