Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tour de France 2010 ics calendar #tdf #tdf2010 [1]

UPDATE: For the 2012 version check here.

UPDATE: 2011 calendar available here now.

UPDATE: This version of the calendar has each stage as an all-day event and includes only basic details of the stage (start and finish locations; plain, hilly, high mountains, etc.). For a more detailed version grab this version.

UPDATE: See our 2010 Paris-Roubaix calendar here.

This is a basic version of the Tour de France calendar in ics format. At this point full schedules and stage descriptions are not available so this version just gives you start and finish locations for each stage and a very basic description of the character of the stage. Each stage is set as an all-day event, but that can easily be edited in your own software.

As usual, you use and take and on an as-is basis, no warranty, etc. If you want to check it's legit then open it up in any text-editor and you can inspect the code. It's as accurate as we can make it (we'll be using these calendars ourselves) but we can't guarantee that it is error-free. If you spot any mistakes then do please let us know through the comments.

We will release more detailed versions of the calendar as further information becomes available.

Download: Tour de France 2010 Calendar version 1





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David S F said...

Thanks a bunch! Added it to my google calendars.