Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On George Lee #GLee

Mark Little:
My point is this: I know George Lee and if a man like George Lee can’t make an impact on Irish politics at a time of unprecedented crisis and palpable public revolt, then we all have a problem. Not just George and not just Enda.

David McWilliams:
i know that some people think he bottled it, but why are we defending a system that has failed? the system is broken. he is the evidence [here]
so what to people want? the useless gobsite whose dad had the seat and who has been eating chicken dinners for years to get the top job? [here]
re sticking it out for a while more - was GLee's crime that he didn't spend longer wasting his and our time? [here]
i take the points re bailing out. but if in this economic crisis he can't be elevated with 28k 1st prefs, what hope is there for anyone? [here]

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