Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mortified or delighted

Kay Burley says she was mortified when Peter Andre became upset by her line of questioning, but it's hard to believe her and hard to think that getting some tears out of him wasn't on her agenda from the start.

We're more inclined to think she was delighted rather than mortified - it's just her style, really. She does revel in the "And how upset are you?" school of interviewing and is very familiar with the idiotic Sky News approach of asking people, "Are you upset to see your home and livelihood being washed away by flood water? If I poke you with a sharp stick will you cry for the camera? Please?" She's a prime example of the journalist-as-emotional-voyeur, those who pass off their own vicarious and prurient wallowing in and peddling of the misery of others as a "human interest angle". It's a grubby sort of schadenfreude - the newsroom equivalent of Jeremy Kyle.

But she's always been a classy operator...

Oh, and while we're at it there's always this.

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