Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dublin mayor and bye elections

Given that the Dublin mayor Bill has been cleared in cabinet, with an election mooted for the autumn of 2010, perhaps the government might be encouraged to get their finger out and move the writs for those bye elections.

As for the mayor - Bertie??? No thanks, but then the gobshites who kept voting for him and who keep Fianna Failure's poll scores up might just go for him again. You get the government you deserve, but some deserve it more than others.

The idea of a man who was implicated in some very questionable financial dealings;

who not only blithely presided over but positively helped to inflate a disastrous property bubble;

whose governments allowed the financial and construction sectors to freewheel without proper regulation (his chum and appointee Charlie McCreevy still doesn't see why we needed it);

who said that those predicting a financial crisis should go and kill themselves;

whose government entered into a dreadful agreement with the Catholic Church that indemnified religious orders against the financial consequences of their failure to deal with sexual abuse, and did it just before the 2002 General Election so that it was never put before the Cabinet and sat unpublished for several months;

a man who has never acknowledged any of those failings;

the idea that such a man should be put in charge of decisions on planning, transport and other elements of vital infrastructure for all of Dublin is appalling.

The idea that he might be trusted with any public office ever again is appalling.

It's interesting that in his interview with Uncle Gaybo Bertie happily wittered about his own holiness but mentioned that he doesn't go to confession: par for the course with him, really.

I wonder would George Lee go for Mayor instead? He might be able to get things done without having to wait for Inda Kinny to let him do it - and if it isn't working out we can all just have another go when he resigns a few months in.

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