Friday, January 08, 2010

Iris Robinson [u]

Should we feel much sympathy for the god-bothering homophobe and expenses cheat Iris Robinson? Nah - she's just not a nice person.

Even her public statement is the sort of mealy-mouthed self-serving nonsense you expect from someone who strides through life borne up on a self-righteous conviction that she has god on her side. Speaking of her nineteen-year-old lover she says, "I encouraged friends to assist him by providing financial support for a business venture."

How noble.

Here's another version of that:
The wife of NI's first minister broke the law by not declaring her financial interest in a business deal.

BBC Northern Ireland's Spotlight programme said Iris Robinson, an MP, an MLA and a councillor, obtained £50,000 from two property developers.

The money was paid to her 19-year-old lover Kirk McCambley to help him launch a new cafe. She later asked him for £5,000 for herself.
She even lobbied in parliament on behalf of one of those property developers. When her young lover's application for permission to lease the Lock Keeper's Inn was being considered by Castlereagh borough council, on which she sat, she failed to declare her interests. When she demanded the repayment of the £50,000 loan she asked for £25,000 of it to be paid to her church, the Light and Life Free Methodist Church: why? [update: Is it anything to do with the fact that Peter Robinson's sister, Pat Herron, is the pastor at that church? Herron has insisted that the church never received any of the money, but that doesn't explain why Iris wanted to give it to them.]

There are plenty of other tales about the exact nature of her relationship with one particular property developer, a developer who benefited from favourable decisions handed down by a planning committee chaired by, you guessed it, Iris Robinson. [update: There are also rumours about Peter Robinson's personal life, and about his fists. There's another particularly interesting rumour about Iris's suicide attempt and a flight of stairs. All utterly scurrilous, of course.]

She has declared that she's withdrawing from public life. Has she resigned her position as a Councillor, or as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, or as a Member of Parliament? No - she's still taking the salaries and allowances for all three of those jobs while declaring that she's not actually going to do them. Her salaries alone are estimated to amount to £97,137, and then there are the expenses claims and the jobs that go to family members - all public money. [update: It appears that she will be resigning her positions as MP and MLA, not before time. She should resign from the Council, too. Of course, she'll be entitled to pensions that could fund a few riverside caf├ęs.]

Is she getting a particularly hard time because she's a woman? No, it's because she's a corrupt, hate-mongering hypocrite.

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