Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The family of the late Fred Fraser, one of the two property developers who bankrolled Iris Robinson's young lover to the tune of £25,000 each, have issued a statement. The Belfast Telegraph quotes from it:
In the months prior to his death Mr Fraser made a large number of charitable donations to different charities and individuals and to what he felt to be worthy causes.
What do they mean by "charitable donations"? We were given to understand that the money was repaid. The same article in the Belfast Telegraph makes it clear that the other bankroller, Ken Campbell, has been repaid most of the money (all except £5,000, coincidentally the same amount that Iris Robinson took as her kickback). If it has been repaid then in what sense is it a donation, a "charitable donation"? Most of those are not repaid, as I understand it: if it has not been repaid then where is it?

Another interesting issue that should be clarified is whether this or any other "charitable donation" was treated as such for tax purposes. Was tax relief claimed on any "charitable donation"? If it was, and if that "charitable donation" has been repaid, has the Inland Revenue been repaid?

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