Monday, January 04, 2010

Bad Apple

Apple has been pushing the Find My iPhone function for a while now but this story is not going to help. A customer knows that her stolen iPhone has been sent to Apple for repair, sent by someone other than herself. She has contacted Apple about it, and the police have spoken to Apple about it. Apple are going to send out the fixed or new phone to the person who sent it to them, quite possibly the thief. FAIL.
If your iPhone goes missing you can log into on any computer to access Find My iPhone (under Account) and display your iPhone's approximate location on a map, write a message to be displayed on its screen, and play a continuous sound for two minutes even if the iPhone is set to silent. Or if you fear the worst, you can initiate a remote wipe to permanently erase your personal data and restore the iPhone to its factory settings.

But if it's sent in under warranty by the person who robbed you or the person who got the phone from them then they get a new iPhone and you can sod off. Super cool, Apple...

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