Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mini-moto kid-killer machines

Why do people let their children onto these things?

December 2009: A five-year-old boy has died after crashing a mini-motorcycle that he was given for Christmas.

October 2008: Blessing Dzimati, 15, … died when his mini motorcycle was involved in a collision with a car on 17 October 2008.

May 2008: A three-year-old girl was killed when a mini-motorcycle she was a passenger on collided with a pick-up truck.

December 2007: A seven-year-old girl was killed riding the quad bike she was given for Christmas when it collided head-on with a Range Rover on a country road.

July 2007: A six-year-old boy died after a motorcycle he was riding hit a tree.

June 2006: A three-year-old girl has died after a car accident near Swadlincote in Derbyshire involving a quad bike.

May 2006: Two young motorcyclists have been killed in an accident in Halifax… The two riders had come off their unregistered mini moto bike. One was pronounced dead at the scene and the other died an hour later in hospital.

July 2005: A five-year-old girl has died after a "tragic accident" involving a quad bike, police said. Lucy Wilson and her eight-year-old sister Anna had been playing in a field at their home…

May 2005: The 13-year-old boy who died after the mini motorcycle he was riding was involved in a collision with a car in Greater Manchester has been named.

April 2005: Children at a school in County Fermanagh are mourning the death of one of their fellow pupils who died in a mini-motorcycle accident. Robert Corry, 12, was a student at St Mary's College in Irvinestown.
A seven-year-old who was on the back of the motorcycle escaped injury in the accident.

February 2005: A four-year-old boy has died following a road accident in west Belfast. David Spence from the Shankill estate was a passenger on a mini-scrambler motorbike which was being ridden by an adult.

January 2005: A six-year-old boy died when he crashed his mini-motorbike after being startled by a dog, an inquest was told.

December 2004: A 15-year-old boy has been killed in an accident involving a quad bike at a disused quarry.

April 2004: A seven-year-old girl has been killed in a quad bike accident in County Antrim.

September 2003: A 10-year-old boy has died after an accident involving a quad bike in West Lothian. … Police believe the driver, a 15-year-old boy, lost control of the vehicle.

July 2003: A teenage girl has died after a quad bike she was riding flipped over on a Scottish beach. … Another 17-year-old girl who was riding pillion on the quad bike was unhurt in the crash.

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