Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Homophobia is not a religious freedom

The link below is to an interesting post by Maman Poulet on the subject of civil partnerships, in particular on the issue of civil servants deciding not to do their jobs because of religious objections. What are the logical conclusions of allowing someone to decline to conduct their duties because they don't like them? Will Catholic GardaĆ­ be allowed to decline on grounds of religious objection to investigate homophobic hate-crime? Will Muslim teachers be allowed to refuse to teach classes in which girls do not cover their heads? Will a Catholic librarian be allowed to decide which books he or she issues? ("You want to borrow Portnoy's Complaint?? I don't think so - I consider it a mucky book so you'll have to get it from some other librarian.")

The position of Lucinda Creighton and Mattie McGrath, amongst others, is a worrying and a wrong one.


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