Friday, November 06, 2009

Eircom security and international copyright law

The Irish Times reports that "Apple software allows unauthorised access to Eircom broadband networks". In fact, it's the legacy of Eircom stupidity that allows access to Ericom broadband networks. You don't need Apple software to do it. There are plenty of websites and other apps that will pull off the same trick. (Indeed, if you were so inclined you could do it with a pencil and a bit of squared paper, just for that old-skool feel.)

This seems like a bit of a jolly, and a good excuse to laugh at Eircom. However, as it pointed out here, it has wider implications.
It means that at some time in the future when the retarded music industry and its bevy of overpaid government lobbyists get their way and people accused of file-sharing one too many times get “kicked off of the internetz” you’ll see a tidal wave of users parking up outside your Mum’s house to use her inadequately secured WiFi connection to go get their music....

(Hint to the lawmen - this measure is punitive, ineffective, and will cause innocent people to be punished for other people’s ‘crimes’).

The punitive and ineffective measures being proposed are summarized here. It's interesting to note that in deciding to listen to the music and film industries and pursue illegal file-sharers, Lord Mandelson is going against the wishes of the UK police and intelligence services. They fear that his measures will lead more people to encrypt their internet access, which will actually make it much more difficult to track all sorts of online criminal activity.

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