Monday, June 29, 2009

Tour de France 2009 calendar download (.ics) #tdf

UPDATE 2012: 2012 TdF calendar info here.

UPDATE: An early version of the 2010 calendar is now available here

UPDATE 2010: We hope to have 2010 calendars online soon. Nous espérons avoir bientôt en ligne Calendriers 2010. Speriamo di avere presto online calendari 2010. Esperamos contar con 2.010 calendarios en línea pronto. Wij hopen te hebben 2010 kalenders binnenkort online.

UPDATE: Check out our post on live, online video coverage here

Cycling fans who want a calendar for this year's Tour de France can get it here. You can import it directly into Google Calendar, or into a desktop application like iCal or Outlook.

It features the basic information of where each day's stage starts and finishes, but the notes include the departure times for caravane and riders, the estimated average speed, the ETA at the finish line, and a list of the climbs and sprints for each stage - with locations, distances and gradients where appropriate.


PS A few points to bear in mind:

the timezone for the calendar is set to Paris, and the times given in the notes are in French time, so you may need to adjust for your location;

in the notes, * indicates a climb, with C1, C2, etc. relating to the categories of climb (and CH is for hors catégorie);

S indicates a sprint;

the "Caravane" time might be of use to those of you lucky enough to be going along to watch the race live, and may help you plan how best to get hit in the head by a packet of sweets, or how you can add to your collection of enormous foam hands (if that makes no sense to you at all then you don't need to worry about it);

the information is sourced from, so if I have made an error anywhere check that site for correct details.

I've tried to make it as accurate as possible (I'll be using it myself), but you take the calendar as-is, use it at your own risk, etc.

This is the Google Calendar version of it, with the times adjusted for my location (Dublin, Ireland).

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