Saturday, June 27, 2009

Signal to noise ratio #IranElection #SkyNewsFail

One of the problems with sourcing information from something like twitter or blogs is that as the attention to an issue increases the signal to noise ratio deteriorates. This can extend from the idiotically opportunistic Habitat advertising to the usual porn-spam, along with drivel-merchants like Sinbad777 (Michael Meier), who is the internet equivalent of those gormless feckwits who hang about behind reporters hoping to get on de telly.

There comes a point at which mainstream news outlets need to step up, as we've already said, and do what they're good at (or should be good at) - filtering and assessing the raw feeds of information coming out of a difficult and confusing news context.

Instead, Sky News appear to have opted for wall-to-wall Wacko.

We nominate #SkyNewsFail as the hashtag...

Check this out instead

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