Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Early and often

[UPDATE: on the "Mary Lou TD" point, see our thoughts on Christy Burke's resignation]

Mary Lou will no longer be turning up at the European Parliament, and she won't even have to use maternity leave as an overstretched excuse to cover poor attendance across an entire five-year term of office. Now she can spend more time with her family, which is what she was doing anyway.

The trouble is she might run for the Dáil next time out, and then we'll have to spend even more time changing channels to avoid looking at her overfilled face or listening to her aggrieved, self-righteous whine. (It uses up batteries something awful, all that channel hopping - the Greens really should do something about it.) On the plus side, we'd get to watch from behind the sofa as some Fine Gael glamourpuss - maybe Paschal D, the thinking mammies' Daniel O'Donnell - gleefully prods her towards one of her temper tantrums.

This screenshot from aertel suggests that the old policy of "vote early and often" didn't work out for Mary Lou. It's probably just a typo - how strange to find a typo on the RTÉ aertel news pages - but it's an apt one.

Read the second paragraph carefully.

Early and Often

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