Monday, June 29, 2009

Another nice bike theft story

I posted a while back about the recovery of a stolen bike by way of Ebay.

Here's another one that worked out well:

SeanH (25-06-2009, 13:39):


I just had my shiney Trek nicked from the boot of my car in the IFSC. You can't miss her, she looks like this:

Stolen Trek

There are only two of them in the country so if you see one buzzing around the city streets will you please call me (Sean 087*******) or Store Street Garda Station (666 8000).



And then the next morning:

SeanH (26-06-2009, 09:20):

I got my Trek back, took it back off some head on sherriff street last night.

Went for a walk around Sheriffer yesterday morning, nothing going, another stroll around at lunch time, nothing going, going home after work, turned on to sherifer and some lad coming down the foot path on the far side of the road on me bike.

Went to cross the road and notice a Gard on a moter bike coming down the road. I got me bike back and yer man went for a drive with the Gards. Yer man was saying that he just bought it 10 minutes before for 100 yoyo.


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