Wednesday, May 06, 2009

SF election poster littering

I saw it myself, the Shinners putting their election posters up illegally early. Posters for both Mary Lou, the Euro-election candidate, and for whatever other gormless feckwit is standing up for Ireland and the 'RA in the local election, were being put up at about 7.30pm on Tuesday May 5th all along Coolmine Road in Dublin 15. (I'd just disembarked from a train at the nearby station, so I'm quite sure about the time.)

By law they shouldn't have been up before midnight.

A report in today's Irish-ish Independent says, "Sinn Fein rejected claims MEP Mary Lou McDonald had erected posters illegally. A party spokesperson said: 'I don't believe they are up.'"

Well, they most certainly were up and she (or her campaign) did erect them illegally.

In itself, this might seem a trivial quibble about timing, and we can hardly be surprised that SF-IRA should show a disregard for the law, but it's revealing in that it shows yet again that Irish politicians are more interested in getting themselves elected than in respecting the law or the environment.

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