Friday, May 15, 2009

No, Minister

An open letter to Dermot Ahern and any of his mates who might fancy reading it.

Dear Minister Ahern,

RTÉ is reporting your saying "that Fianna Fáil's poor showing in the latest opinion poll was the price the party has paid for steering the country through difficult economic times."

No, Minister, it's not the price for your party's bravery and leadership, it's the price for your party being outed as a shower of cute hoors, brown-envelope merchants, currency-exchange conmen, e-voting gobshites, fiscal incompetents, property bubble blowers, slick-haired waffle merchants, construction industry towel-boyos, sixteenth-century-stylee god-fearing blasphemy legislators, liars, crooks and general fucking idiots of the very utmost highest order.

And the fact that you think it's all about a public misunderstanding of your nobility and bravery just compounds the sense of fuddle-headed horse-shittery.

Charlie Haughey, Pee Flynn, Beverly Hillbilly Cooper Flynn, Bertie Ahern, Ray Burke, Liam Lawlor... FÁS freeloaders, the shambollocks that is the HSE, the complete failure to regulate effectively the financial sector, etc. etc. and you think the problem is that the electorate doesn't get you? I think that just for once we're in a brief window where the electorate does get Fianna Failure - that's your problem.

Hope you have a lovely summer,

The Skanger

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