Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nice bike theft story

This (from is a good one:

hynesie: I started a thread earlier this week about a bike which was stolen from my back yard last weekend. Biologic came up trumps and posted a link to an ebay auction with a bike of the same description. I had the thread deleted just in case the seller spotted the thread; boards gets indexed really well by google.

I then got the seller to send on some pics of the bike and sure enough it was my bike. I made sure I won the auction, which ended last night, and this morning I went with a garda to pick up my bike.

Stupidly I hadn't kept record of the serial number, but due to some miracle I had kept the box the bike came in which had the serial number printed on it. The serial numbers matched up, I got my bike back and the seller got arrested. Happy days!

Some words of advice: If anybody out there doesn't have a record of the serial number of their bikes then write them down now. Make sure your bikes are always locked, regardless of where they are. I nearly learned both these lessons the hard way.

A big thanks to Biologic for posting the link and the gardai who were great to deal with.

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