Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eoin Ryan and Eibhlin Byrne: proud soldiers of destiny

I posted a while back about Eoin Ryan's election poster in Pearse Station, Dublin, and noted that his allegiance to Fianna Failure was not obvious amidst the EU-blue of it all. It was pointed out here and elsewhere that his website and previous promotional materials are and have been blue, so this time around isn't so much of an exception for him.

Nonetheless, the Fianna Failures are going to great lengths (and to very small typefaces) to minimize associations with their own embarrassment of a party.

And Eoin Ryan is no exception.

This is a mailshot that he and running mate Byrne sent out. Note the large gap on the front where in the past there might have been a Fianna Failure logo. It's not until you open it that you get any mention of Fianna Failure.

Actually, that's not true - there is a mention of the party on the outside, as will be seen below.

Is this tie Fine Gael-y enough?
Blue and yellow and lots of it
We are the toy soldiers of destiny
A proud declaration of allegiance
Sure enough, there it is, down in the right hand corner on the back - a proud declaration of allegiance to the Fianna Failure party. Who said they were hiding it away?

Oh yeah, I did...

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