Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fianna Failure? Eoin Ryan? Erm...?

[Update 1: you can now see the picture here]
[Update 2: read some remarks on an Eoin Ryan election mailshot here]

I see Eoin Ryan, Fianna Failure MEP, has a nice big poster gazing magnificently down on the main concourse in Pearse Station.

One thing that's interesting about it is the colouring. It's all very blue, which may be to make it look a bit Europeany, but which also makes it look decidedly not-Fianna-Failure. No green, no orange - none of the usual FF styling that we might expect. At a glance you might think it was a Fine Gael or even a Libertas poster, but FF certainly doesn't come to mind.

It makes sense, of course. Who would want to go into an election now and be identified with this government?

(I'll get a picture if I can.)

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Anonymous said...

Ryan's website always had a blue background instead of the FF green. He's got much more of a case of saying its business as usual for him compared to someone like Tubridy who even made up a new logo! Looking forward to a picture of his poster.