Thursday, April 16, 2009

Draper's email hacked: all your spin are belong to us

Was UK Labour smeardoctor Derek Draper's email hacked? PR Week is reporting that Draper himself believes that his Yahoo! email account was hacked and that that is at the root of a series of recent leaks.

What's more, "it is feared that the individual behind the hacking may be sitting on hundreds or thousands of emails – potentially dating back years – that could be used to destabilise the Government in the run up to the next election."

Senior media advisor doesn't have robust password or secure email account: there's a story for you.

No doubt this will be spun as obscene hackers and intrusive bloggers using nefarious means to do damage to a legitimate and elected (oops, of course, Brown has never gone to the electorate seeking a mandate as PM) government.

Let's instead apply the sort of logic that governments do when they want to install pervasive CCTV systems, harvest huge amounts of personal data for storage in insecure databases, force people to carry ID cards, introduce biometric scanning systems, retain Police records of DNA taken from innocent people (including children), and so on and on:

If you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear.

If this government and its cronies have done nothing wrong then a little bit of public scrutiny should give them no cause for concern. If they have done something wrong then they deserve whatever shitstorm is spinning their way.

And here's hoping Bertie and his mates all have crappy passwords...

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