Monday, March 02, 2009

It's All About Spin

Anyone who's ever wonder exactly how long "3 Mins" can last in the time-distortion field that is Dublin's Pearse Station will take great comfort from these posters.

Skangerland - Irish Rail Time Distortion

Let me pull some detail out of that one for you...

Skangerland - Irish Rail Time Distortion in Detail

Yes, that does read "Punctuality - the percentage of trains arriving no later than 10 minutes after scheduled arrival time".

"Punctuality"? As in "Exact observance of appointed times; the fact or habit of being on time. (Now the usual sense.)", to quote the OED??

That might now be the usual sense, but this is the Irish Rail sense:
1 - train into the city (ten minutes late)
2 - change on to a DART (also ten minutes late)
3 - get to your destination (now twenty minutes late)
4 - according to Irish Rail, you're not late, you are punctual.

So that would be nonsense.

I'm sure it isn't the fault of Irish Rail. I'm sure it's someone else's fault (it usually is).

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