Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UPDATEDx3: Dunblane Disgrace: Glinner v Sunday Express

Graham Linehan's commendable campaign to hold the Sunday Express to account for its article about Dunblane survivors has been gathering steam.

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Those who follow Glinner's twitter account have been kept abreast of developments, and it's a fine illustration of twitter's power in the right hands.

Glinner outlines the case here, and there's a follow-up here.

There is a Wikipedia page here with an outline of the events.

There's a petition here.

The Sunday Express's pitiful excuse for an apology is here. Note that they are of the opinion that "nobody was misquoted", which seems to me to be indicative of their inability actually to apologize properly. A proper apology would involve an acknowledgement of what they did wrong. In effect, taking someone's words out of context and thereby giving a misleading impression of their views is misquotation. That is what the original Sunday Express article did with the words of Elizabeth Smith MSP. (She's a Tory, by the way - I do hope she'll warn her party to stay well away from the delightful Richard Desmond.)

Marina Hyde's article puts this all in some useful context - see the paragraph beginning "In fact, the issue is now so open and shut".

Glinner's response to the "apology" is on his blog.

See also The Guardian's very different response. Is it a "strongly-worded apology"?? I don't think so (and there's really no need for a hyphen with a compound adjective beginning with an adverb ending in -ly). Sarah Ditum has an interesting post about the Guardian's article.

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