Friday, March 13, 2009

Chickens voting for foxes?

The Celtic ChickenFianna Failure Fox

1 Electorate votes for Fianna Failures;

2 Fianna Failures set low standards of propriety, particularly regarding finances, in high office (e.g., C. J. Haughey, L. Lawlor, R. Burke, B. Cooper-Flynn, B. Ahern, et al);

3 Culture of low standards is consequently established in public life more generally;

4 Electorate votes again and again for Fianna Failures, even while B. Ahern is doing increasingly ludicrous and implausible foreign exchange cartwheels in Dublin Castle;

5 Electorate is surprised to learn that bankers were sticking to the same low standards set by the Fianna Failure governing party and endorsed by the electorate at the ballot box;

6 Electorate is again (and just as inexplicably) surprised to learn that the legislative and regulatory framework put in place by the Fianna Failure governing party was inadequate and ineffective;

7 Fianna Failure tells electorate it will have to pay for the repairs;

8 Electorate protests because it has got the government it deserved and kept fucking voting for...

9 GoTo 1; Repeat (...?)

If you voted Fianna Fáil then shut up and don't have the cheek to protest about the fact that you're getting what you asked for. If you were too thick to see it coming then you can just go to the naughty step and think about what you've done.

* Try not to fall off the naughty step like that gobshite falling off his stool on RTÉ

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