Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UPDATEDx3: Dunblane Disgrace: Glinner v Sunday Express

Graham Linehan's commendable campaign to hold the Sunday Express to account for its article about Dunblane survivors has been gathering steam.

front pagestory continues inside

Those who follow Glinner's twitter account have been kept abreast of developments, and it's a fine illustration of twitter's power in the right hands.

Glinner outlines the case here, and there's a follow-up here.

There is a Wikipedia page here with an outline of the events.

There's a petition here.

The Sunday Express's pitiful excuse for an apology is here. Note that they are of the opinion that "nobody was misquoted", which seems to me to be indicative of their inability actually to apologize properly. A proper apology would involve an acknowledgement of what they did wrong. In effect, taking someone's words out of context and thereby giving a misleading impression of their views is misquotation. That is what the original Sunday Express article did with the words of Elizabeth Smith MSP. (She's a Tory, by the way - I do hope she'll warn her party to stay well away from the delightful Richard Desmond.)

Marina Hyde's article puts this all in some useful context - see the paragraph beginning "In fact, the issue is now so open and shut".

Glinner's response to the "apology" is on his blog.

See also The Guardian's very different response. Is it a "strongly-worded apology"?? I don't think so (and there's really no need for a hyphen with a compound adjective beginning with an adverb ending in -ly). Sarah Ditum has an interesting post about the Guardian's article.

Brian Cowen is Pants?

The BBC's headline is "Naked taoiseach paintings removed"...

Pat Kenny's Anachronistic Minstrel Show

I don't have a date for this, but by the look of it I'd say it was probably first broadcast in about 1977.

Even the little kid has the sense to look embarrassed for Mr Woodentop.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Darwin Award nominee

RTÉ News reports:

"Gardaí believe Mr Collopy was showing a friend how to kill someone when he put the gun to his own head without realising there was a round in the breech. […]

"Mr Collopy died in the Mid Western Regional Hospital at 8.30pm last night. […]

"Mr Collopy was well known to gardaí as one of the Keane/Collopy criminal gangs, which has been involved in the ongoing feud with the McCarthy/Dundon gang.

He was a target not just of Limerick gardaí but also of the Criminal Assets Bureau, which seized a house, two cars and a substantial amount of cash from the gang."

A terrible loss to the community, I'm sure. At least his friend can take it that the instructions are reliable. Maybe it's what Limerick's criminal thugs do instead of Tupperware parties.

Friday, March 20, 2009

BNP Stupidity (quelle surprise...)

coming over here, defending our freedom

From The Register:

A spokesperson at the Royal Air Force museum explained: "The Spitfire in the poster can be identified as belonging to 303 Squadron of the Polish Air Force by the code letters 'RF' painted in front of the RAF roundel. 303 Squadron operated Spitfires from Northolt, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Coltishall and other RAF stations in the UK between 1941 and 1945 after flying Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain."

The BNP attempt to argue their way out of this one just makes them look even more stupid, but then they are even more stupid...

Not reading The Guardian...

What's not in The Guardian:


and for some explanation that is in The Guardian:


Friday, March 13, 2009

Chickens voting for foxes?

The Celtic ChickenFianna Failure Fox

1 Electorate votes for Fianna Failures;

2 Fianna Failures set low standards of propriety, particularly regarding finances, in high office (e.g., C. J. Haughey, L. Lawlor, R. Burke, B. Cooper-Flynn, B. Ahern, et al);

3 Culture of low standards is consequently established in public life more generally;

4 Electorate votes again and again for Fianna Failures, even while B. Ahern is doing increasingly ludicrous and implausible foreign exchange cartwheels in Dublin Castle;

5 Electorate is surprised to learn that bankers were sticking to the same low standards set by the Fianna Failure governing party and endorsed by the electorate at the ballot box;

6 Electorate is again (and just as inexplicably) surprised to learn that the legislative and regulatory framework put in place by the Fianna Failure governing party was inadequate and ineffective;

7 Fianna Failure tells electorate it will have to pay for the repairs;

8 Electorate protests because it has got the government it deserved and kept fucking voting for...

9 GoTo 1; Repeat (...?)

If you voted Fianna Fáil then shut up and don't have the cheek to protest about the fact that you're getting what you asked for. If you were too thick to see it coming then you can just go to the naughty step and think about what you've done.

* Try not to fall off the naughty step like that gobshite falling off his stool on RTÉ

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"Yes, We are all individuals": Fianna Failure's Manchurian Candidates?

Do you think they'd have lynched him if he'd said anything critical? Or maybe eaten his brains to make him into one of the undead too?

(With thanks to RTÉ News and to privatejoker285 - and kudos for the Beverley Hillbilly Cooper Flynn banjo music.)

Monday, March 02, 2009

It's All About Spin

Anyone who's ever wonder exactly how long "3 Mins" can last in the time-distortion field that is Dublin's Pearse Station will take great comfort from these posters.

Skangerland - Irish Rail Time Distortion

Let me pull some detail out of that one for you...

Skangerland - Irish Rail Time Distortion in Detail

Yes, that does read "Punctuality - the percentage of trains arriving no later than 10 minutes after scheduled arrival time".

"Punctuality"? As in "Exact observance of appointed times; the fact or habit of being on time. (Now the usual sense.)", to quote the OED??

That might now be the usual sense, but this is the Irish Rail sense:
1 - train into the city (ten minutes late)
2 - change on to a DART (also ten minutes late)
3 - get to your destination (now twenty minutes late)
4 - according to Irish Rail, you're not late, you are punctual.

So that would be nonsense.

I'm sure it isn't the fault of Irish Rail. I'm sure it's someone else's fault (it usually is).