Monday, September 22, 2008

How to impress your boss

How to impress your boss.

Step 1: get a job distributing leaflets door-to-door.
Step 2: go to a door that has a sign beside the letterbox reading, "Please do not leave newspapers or unsolicited mail".
Step 3: leave some unsolicited mail.
Step 4: when the householder politely points out that he didn't want the unsolicited mail reply with, "Fuck off".

If I was your boss I'd be hugely impressed that, having been sent out to represent and promote a good company with a good and hard-earned reputation, you were showing such marvellous people skills. Let's be quite clear - no-one should be mistaken and think that this is a complaint about the company: it is not, it's just about the rude individual.

Good company bad manners?