Friday, April 11, 2008

Strike flat the thick rotundity o' the world!

On the topic of thick rotundities, more news on Bertie Ahern.

In a press release the gods have expressed their position on the recent controversies surrounding Bertie. A copy of the document is seen below.

His Bertiness recently expressed his dismay at the Mahon Tribunal's treatment of his former secretary Grainne Carruth. They were bullying her by asking her all dem hard questions, ya see.

We wonder did the self-serving fuck ever stop to ponder why they were asking her all those hard questions. We doubt it. He's too far up his own arse on his high moral horse to recognize that the reason they had to push her to get at the truth was because he wouldn't bloody give it to them.

Ultimately, he put her into that situation, but you'll never get him to admit it. For someone in a position of responsibility he's very good at passing the buck.

In fact, he usually gets someone else to pass his bucks for him - in cash, at the AIB on O'Connell Street.

Press Release:

Zeus not believing Bertie bullshit

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