Friday, March 28, 2008

Speeding Donegal Idiot

This would seem to be the video referred to in today's Irish Independent story about the asshole driving like a mini-knobbed, boy-racing fuckwit in Donegal.

What's the bets it was one of those blue Subarus with the manky gold alloys (the half-sovereign pinky-ring of petrolhead style)?


Download it in MP4 iPod-friendly format.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

O2, oh dear, too dear

So O2 Ireland have decided to be so kind as to let us buy the iPhone.

But they want to charge over the odds for a decidedly under-the-odds service.

It's reckoned, by, that the iPhone's Irish price will be HIGHER than the UK price by between €30 (for the 8GB model) and €45 (for the 16GB model) even without VAT.

When you add on VAT, the Irish versions will cost about €46 and €67 more.

The minimum monthly fee is €45, about the same as the £35 charged in the UK.

Let's compare what your money gets you:

 O2 UKO2 Ireland
Monthly Tarrif£35€45
Visual VoicemailYesNo
Voicemail retrievalFree15c/min

So that's basically shite.

What do O2 Ireland have to say for themselves? Here's what Danuta Gray, their CEO, had to say to the Irishish Indo:

"I think the type of price here compared with this type of functionality is where the value should be judged."

Let's translate that: "This is over-priced but it's a cool gadget so we think we can get away with it, what with it being a bit less shit than the rest of what's on the market here."

Maybe it's really down to the fact that Ireland's a smaller market than the UK? Maybe they need to push the price a bit to get the revenue? Well, O2's own figures indicate that they're doing very nicely in Ireland, thanks.

Here's a few numbers (or "Key performance indicators for the quarter ended 31 December 2007", taken from an O2 press release of 28 February 2008) for you to ponder:

Mobile average revenue per user (monthly, in local currency):

  • O2 UK blended ARPU £24.0 (Q4 2006: £23.0)

  • O2 Germany blended ARPU €19.4 (Q4 2006: €23.7)

  • O2 Ireland blended ARPU €45.7 (Q4 2006: €45.0)

  • O2 Czech Republic ARPU CZK 540  (Q4 2006: CZK 528)

So, to put that all in Euro, with some help from,

  • O2 UK blended ARPU €31.35

  • O2 Germany blended ARPU €19.4

  • O2 Ireland blended ARPU €45.70

  • O2 Czech Republic ARPU €21.51

In short, they're taking the iPiss.