Sunday, January 20, 2008

Safe-tergent, me arse

Why aren't all ads not-crap? The "safe-tergent" ad, for example, is demonstrably crap. "Safe-tergent"? If you've no idea what the hell I'm on about then lucky you, but you can read about it here, if you really want to...)

Now, is my mentioning the shitty safe-tergent ad self-defeating? Have I, by passing it on, just shown that it works? Only if you are a gobshite. Are you? Didn't think so...

I look at it like this: as consumers we are the modern equivalents of Renaissance princes and patrons (but generally without the poisoning, Papal corruption, pederasty, nepotism and simony and all those other word you only ever hear in a Junior Cert History class (didn't hear pederasty in class? should have gone to Catholic school then...)). If it's shite, don't give them your money. If the ad is crap - don't buy the bloody product. You'll only encourage them to fill our lives with even more inane driveltastic cuntwaffle.

("Guhnn...more Coke, more Snickers.....")*

This, on the other hand, is good. I don't have a clue what it's for, and I probably don't need one, but I think we should all purchase one anyway just so that they might buy a tv ad slot and put something decent on instead of the usual brainrot-candyfloss.

* That one's for the comedy fans amongst you.

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