Friday, November 16, 2007

You f*ck off. No, you f*ck off

The Grauniad is giving coverage to the fact that 0.00690625% of the average 9,600,000 viewers of EastEnders felt prompted to complain about its use of violence in a recent episode.

Yeah, 663 complaints from people who couldn't find the remote control or figure out how to use it. (I hope they get just three more complaints.) It's almost 0.007%, which obviously necessitates appropriate consideration (as in, "I consider this statistically irrelevant").

Interestingly, a moving force behind the complaints is rent-a-comment god-botherer "John Beyer, the director of pressure group Mediawatch UK". We here in Skangerland are more fans of Mediawatchwatch.

Mediawatch UK sounds all very funky and a bit "who watches the watchmen". In fact, it's a 2001 rebranding of Mary Whitehouse's National Viewers' and Listeners' Association. The NVLA was founded in 1965 and has endeavoured to protect us all from the moral ravages of Doctor Who, Tom & Jerry, and Howard Brenton's play The Romans in Britain. Against Michael Bogdanov, the director of Brenton's play in its 1982 production at the National Theatre in London, she took an unsuccessful private prosecution for the offence of "procuring an act of gross indecency". The play includes a scene of simulated anal rape, but Whitehouse's star witness couldn't tell the difference between a penis and a thumb, so her QC withdrew and the case subsequently collapsed.

And they're still at it...

According to the Mediawatch UK site, the 0.0069% amounts to "a barrage of complaints". More worryingly, this pitifully small number of whingers has managed to get an outcome. According to Mediawatch, "The corporation [i.e., the BBC] announced last night that the most violent scenes would be edited out of the Sunday omnibus edition".

If that's true it's pathetic.

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