Friday, October 26, 2007

Two of dem glassy light tings, tanks

So Bertie has landed himself a €38,000 pay rise. Very nice.

But what's a chap to spend that sort of money on? I mean, it's all very well strolling down to the AIB on O'Connell Street with it all in a plastic bag from Dunnes, but the real fun is in spending it.

Bertie, as we all know, is very house-proud, so we came up with a suggestion for him. We reckon he should go for a pair of Laxenburg Gothic Style Chandeliers. They'd look lovely in the front of his gaff out in Glasnevin.

Mind yer head dere

They'd set him back €16,800 each, a total of €33,600. That leaves some room for the PAYE bill, cos even Bertie pays tax. Well, sometimes, anyway.

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