Friday, July 06, 2007

Weekend noises

We here at Skangerland have been pleased to see Party Ben, to whose noises we have been nodding along for some months now, getting airtime, even if it is on 2fm, with his Snow Police mashup.

This week, we have mostly (in between wondering just how far a museum would go to secure funding for a refurbishment, and laughing about posh kids getting their dubes wet*) been slowly deafening ourselves with:

Party Ben - Snow Police - Every Car You Chase
Dunproofin' - Kaiser Chiefs (Ruby) vs 50 Cent (If I Can't) - FiddyFiddyFiddyFiddy
Divide & Kreate - Eurythmics v Franz Ferdinand v Faithless - Sweet Jacqueline

*We're not saying there was actually anything untoward about the collapsing staircase (apart from the fact that it collapsed, of course), we were just wondering: call it idle, feckless curiosity. We do after all live in a country where the Taoiseach will try to have a whole tribunal collapse in case it would actually start to do what it was supposed to do, i.e., show him up as the conniving, amoral, self-serving, corrupt little fucker that he is.

Damn it, we nearly made it through a whole post without mentioning that Bertie's a knob-end. While we're at it: did we mention that the Beverley Hillbilly is a rancid pus-dripping scab on the face of democracy?

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