Monday, June 25, 2007

Only the little people pay...

The Flynnstones are at it again.

Beverley Taxdodge-Flynn has settled her debts with RTÉ by agreeing to pay something in the region of €1,225,000 of the €2,280,000-plus she owes them. (It started at €2,280,000 in September 2005 and interest has been added at about €500 every day, with RTÉ themselves reporting the total amount due as "almost €3m".)

Quite where the money's coming from isn't clear. She has argued that she doesn't have the wherewithal to pay it. No doubt the Revenue will keep a close eye on any Gift Tax liabilities that might arise.

Taxdodge-Flynn has gone on RTÉ radio to insist that "she has nothing to apologise for", and is quoted as saying, "I never believed I did anything wrong".

Arrogant, corrupt, self-righteous: you can see why Bertie reckons she'd sit well in a Fianna Failure government. The Little Green Men must be delighted to see her joining their ranks.

You have to wonder what Pee Flynn knows about where Bertie's bodies are buried.

Stupidity and arrogance seem to run in that family. Remember Pee on the Late Late Show? Remember Audrey Flynn's school bus? Remind yourself here and here. The judge in that case was so struck by Audrey's “complete breathtaking arrogance" that she ordered a psychological report before sentencing (according to The Irish Times).

RTÉ insist that if they had pushed the matter to bankruptcy then the situation for licence payers would have been even worse. Fair point: but as it is, the balance of their legal costs, something around about €1,500,000, will be paid by the licence fee. That's about 9500 licence fees.

So Beverley Taxdodge-Flynn has cost you money by pursuing what could nicely be described as a "litigious frolic" (see here or here), but she won't be apologising and she reckons she's done nothing wrong.

Remember that the next time you're forking out €158 of hard-earned for your next TV Licence.