Monday, June 25, 2007

Guinness going east?

They may be calling it "mere speculation" and telling us that nothing's decided, but the plan to move Guinness's brewing operations away from James's Gate seems like a real possibility.

We here in Skangerland just got sent an online survey to complete. Being a nosey lot, we filled it in. This one had a lot of questions about what you drink, and then about news stories you'd heard. Gradually it focused in on Guinness and we got a lot of questions like "Would you stop drinking Guinness if the production moved away from St James's Gate?" and asking whether you'd be worried about your pint not tasting the same cos the brewery moved.

Seems like they're thinking about it, anyways. The survey was signed off by Outsourced Insight, which would appear to be a South African "Social and Industrial Research" company (with a website here).

The survey was on a server at, and with a bit of faffing about we get a whois for the IP number, which turns up, amongst other things, a mention of Millward Brown Inc., of Austin, Texas, a company that calls itself "the research power behind great brands", and which has worked with Diageo and the Guinness brand in the past. They even have offices on Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2.