Monday, May 21, 2007

What sort of gobshites are we?

Today's Irish Indo cites a poll finding "that 48pc of voters are in favour of Sinn Fein being part of a coalition government here".

What kind of fuckwits are allowed vote for this sort of shit?

Let's remind ourselves of who we're talking about here, and precisely what sort of evil it is that people actually want in government.

Again, the Irish Indo, this time less that a year ago. (Last June, to be exact, so we're not back in the dim and distant times of the "Troubles" or the "Struggle" or the "War" or whatever other mealy-mouthed euphemism you might want to use to try and excuse thuggery, organized crime and terrorism.)

June 2006 and Martin Ferris is defending the scumbags who pumped Jerry McCabe full of bullets.

"Mr Ferris admitted during his radio interview [on Radio Kerry] that he was a personal friend of Kevin Walsh, the gang leader and the man alleged to have opened fire on the garda car manned by Jerry McCabe and his colleague Ben O'Sullivan, who was seriously wounded.

"Mr Ferris and other Sinn Fein TDs were subsequently photographed with the McCabe killers in The Grove bungalow complex within Castlerea prison."

"It should not have happened but he could not condemn it, or the IRA. He refused to describe the garda's killers as criminals. He viewed them as 'IRA activists'."

"'I have been an IRA volunteer in my lifetime. […] I would never betray that loyalty to an organisation to which I once belonged.'"

That's where Ferris's first loyalty lies: not with the state, not with the rule of law, not with justice, not with the right of citizens to live unharrassed by private armies and armed gangs of thugs wrapped in green-tinged propaganda and toting guns that the likes of Ferris illegally imported into this country so that they could be used to kill and rob and terrorize.

No. Martin Ferris's first loyalty is to the IRA: so, for me, that means he's still a terrorist.

And people want him and his comrades-in-arms in government: Minister for Justice, maybe?

It's shameful. Whatever party goes into government with Sinn Fein will have blood on its hands, as will those who voted for the cunts. I suspect that many Irish politicians lack moral principle and backbone just as much as they lack vision: we may be about to find out.