Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taxi for Mr Gorman

Since 1995 Tommy Gorman has been President of the National Taxi Drivers' Union here in Ireland. You'd think he'd have a good understanding of road safety and the law.

He got stung by the Naked Camera lot on RTÉ television recently (you can see the whole thing here), but what caught our eye was his use of the seatbelt.

When he first sits in Tommy doesn't bother with the seatbelt at all. That's maybe what 36 years of being a taxi driver does to you. They are now required to wear seatbelts, unless they have an exemption. The same is true of their passengers, which is what Tommy is here.
Admittedly, PJ's gormless taxi driver is distracting: maybe Tommy just forgot the belt. The beeping and PJ's "Your seatbelt is beeping" remind him. The time on the video suggests Tommy's been in the car for at least two minutes at this stage.
Now, that's much better.
But what's this?
That's right, pop the belt under your oxter, it'll be a lot of use there.
And on we roll with the belt tucked away.

So the belt goes on eventually, but only after the beeping and the driver's insistence, and even then it gets shoved out of the way. Anyone would think Tommy wasn't in the habit of wearing seatbelt, or didn't want to wear his at all, and that's hardly likely, surely. It would be a very bad example, after all, wouldn't it, at a time when everyone is pushing a road safety agenda?