Monday, May 28, 2007

Martin Cullen sold to the PDs?

Rumours are circulating that Bertie Ahern has sold Martin Cullen to the PDs. The Skanger's source in Drumcondra tells us that the erstwhile Minister for Transport is on the move to the Progressive Democrats after Bertie sold him earlier today.

Martin Cullen sold to the PDs: Skangerland hears he's really excited about it

"The PDs were down to just two in the Dáil," our source related, "So the gaffer let them have Cullen to bulk them up a bit, although Mary Harney already does a fair job of making it look like there's more of them than there really is. Cullen's a bit of an eejit so we won't miss him too much."

A lodgement of €11,825.53 was made to Bertie's safe in his constituency office this afternoon. The sum, equating to 45,000 Polish Zloty, sealed the deal on Cullen's move and will be spent on new wallpaper for the Taoiseach's offices.

"It was either Cullen or the wallpaper," the Skanger's Drumcondra contact said, "No argument, really."