Monday, May 21, 2007

How do you say "Down with this sort of thing" in Irish?

Ní bhfuil aon gay in this village

A challenge? You can say that again. How's about dragging yourself into the twenty-first century for a challenge?

Just when you think that the gael-go-ers might not all be crypto-Catholic Opus Dei headcases, tweed-wearing bodhrán botherers, IRA activists in their laethanta saoire, or pervs who'd whack off to pictures of De Valera if whacking off was allowed but who content themselves with a bit of mortifying the flesh over a snapshot of Padre Pio instead; just when you think that Hector might not be a twat because he witters on in Irish but actually just because he's from bloody Naaavan; just when you're thinking that, yes, the weather forecast on TG4 is fun to watch with the sound off, along comes the latest report from Paisean Faisean.

We'll have no trousers on the ladies - Deuteronomy 22:5

That's right, Jehovah's Witness Aoife Ní Thuairisg had concerns about doing a gay edition of the Paisean Faisean programme. Apparently, she believes homosexuality is wrong, so there'll be none of that on her telly programme, thank you very much. What's the Irish for "homophobe," anyway?

What's really sad about this is not just that such antiquated prejudices persist, but that TG4, or rather the production company, Magma Films Ltd., has let them. They should have had a bit more backbone. I hope that the next time she washes up on The Panel Ní Thuairisg gets a good going over for this one. She's entitled to her opinions, however stupid and spiteful they might be, but I'd like to see Ó Briain (a gael-go-er who seems to live in the modern world), Maxwell and company put the boot in: she'd deserve it.

Global warming TG4-style

The excuses that this was just one of many ideas discussed, and that Aoife's objections weren't the only reason for it being dropped, don't really wash.

One thing: is it fair to suggest that her being an Irish speaker and her being a homophobe are related? No, not really. But if, like TG4, you're trying to present Irish as a vibrant, living language with a role in a modern and progressive society then this sort of shite really doesn't help. I hope they push for the gay show to go ahead, if they actually do a fourth series at all.

I'm looking forward to her appearance on Graham Norton's show. Now, that I would watch.