Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ferris, Arms, Drink

Sometimes it's hilarious without us even trying.

So, thanks, Deputy Ferret, for this.

Of course, he hasn't been convicted of anything, but it's still good for a laugh.

The new 'RAShinner election poster.

Actually, that's not strictly true - he has been convicted of something. He served ten years in prison after being convicted of gun-running (seven tons of explosives, weapons and ammo), so a bit of drink-driving will hardly trouble his conscience (such as it is). And the good folk of Kerry North are happy to elect a terrorist so they'd hardly baulk at voting for a drink-driving terrorist.

UPDATE: The urine test came back negative so he was under the limit (here). A worrying element of this is that a man can drink a glass of red wine and two pints of beer* and still be fit to drive in accordance with the law on drink driving.

* Well, we're presuming it was beer. The Times just says "two pints of alcohol" and if it was gin or vodka then the man is a medical specimen. I wonder, was it crème de menthe for the patriotic green tinge?