Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The cogs of war

The Financial Times is reporting on China's annoyance at US moves towards WTO action over copyright infringements.

What's not being reported is an argument within US political circles about copyright breaches around the Iraq war. We understand that sources close to the Kenedy family have been in contact with intellectual property lawyers with a view to serving a writ against George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

The family, it seems, hope to argue that the Iraq war is essentially a half-assed rip-off of the Vietnam War.

"The slow process of getting bogged down, the rising casualties, the increasing dissent at home, the persistent and elusive enemy, the lack of any effective exit strategy: it's all lifted straight from what JFK and Johnson did with Vietnam," one Boston-based attorney commented.

"George Bush
does not think
like JFK,"
lawyers insist.

In his book about Robert Kennedy, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., cites an exchange between John Kennedy and the Canadian PM, Lester B. Pearson, and White House lawyers are said to be looking over the record of that discussion. In it, Kennedy asked for Pearson's advice on Vietnam and was told, "Get out."

Kennedy's response was, "That's a stupid answer. Everyone knows that. The question is: How do we get out?"

"It's clear that current White House thinking is very different," A DC lawyer explained. "President Kennedy believed that 'Get out' was a stupid answer because it lacked necessary detail. For President Bush, 'Get out' is a stupid answer because the mission is not accomplished. Well, it is accomplished, but it's not finished. No, hang on, it's a different mission. I mean, er, can I call you back?"

Downing Street's position is that the Iraq war was based not on Vietnam but on George H. W. Bush's 1990 classic, "The Gulf War".

"Clearly, copyright is not an issue in this case as George's dad was cool with it," a spokesperson for number 10 said. "Plus, the Vietnamese never had weapons of mass destruction, and there's way more jungle in Vietnam."

Pictures show Vietnam is much more jungley.The Houses are more brickish in Iraq.