Monday, February 26, 2007

Stop, look, listen

We've written in the past about the Irrational Lottery and the numbers getting themselves killed on the roads. So far this year we're up to 49 dead, of whom 20 were pedestrians. Yeah, 20 pedestrians: how fucked up is that?

Following on from our mentions of the unfortunate Nicole Catsouras, and if you'd like to scare yourself good and proper, we offer you a couple of links to videos over at Totally Crap. These are from "a German police training video which they use to prepare new recruits or personnel that will start working on the Autobahns for what they could encounter".

It's a pretty grim reminder of what the emergency services have to deal with. The deaths of Brian Kelleher and Michael Liston should give everyone pause for thought.

Let's be clear: if our friends at Totally Crap feel it necessary to point out that the video does "not make pretty viewing, but it gives a good picture of what speed can do to a vehicle and its occupants," and to add, "Warning: very graphic content," then you can rest assured that this is most definitely NSFW, not for anyone under 18, and not for anyone likely to be offended or upset by gruesome images.

You'll find still images here.
The first part of the video here, and the second here.

Now, stop driving like an idiot on fire, and learn the green cross code.