Friday, February 09, 2007

Keystone kiddy kops

Normally, as readers of this site will know, we have a lot of time for the Guards. They generally do a hard job well, and they have to put up with the bleatings of political shysters and the slithering moves of the 'RAShinner scumbags as they try to squirm their friends out of prison.

But this "dropping between the cracks" nonsense over the failure to respond to a report of child porn is a load of bollocks. If their system can't handle that sort of info correctly then it's a shite system and the person responsible for it should be, at the very least, explaining themselves in front of a Dáil committee.

(You have to feel sorry for the individual Guards who work with a comms system that doesn't even give them email addresses. If you want to email a Garda at your local station then your best (probably only) bet is to send it via the Garda Press Office.)

Saying "Ooops, better try harder next time," and just carrying on is not a credible option.

But McDowell's happy enough with it. And this is the government that's going to present some half-arsed Constitutional Referendum on the rights of children...?

Here's the wording Bertie prefers: "Ah, jayz, tink of the little chisellers, look at the faces on dem, will ya? Aren'tnt dey cute? I love de kids me, so give us an oul vote or I won't be in government and den all de lovely kids will be on d'internet being fiddled wit."

It's the new Fianna Failure election slogan: People of Ireland, vote Fianna Failure or your kids'll get it. (I wonder what Frank Lunch would make of that one.)

It's criminal really, but don't bother sending the Guards an email about it - they won't get around to reading it until after the election.

Justice delayed is justice denied. Please hold. your call is important to us.