Friday, February 09, 2007

Is this Fine Gael's Justice portfolio?

How exactly does Enda Kenny expect to lead his party to victory (well, sort of) in the next General election when he's spending his time playing the role of Ron Trott in Jerry Bruckheimer's TV series, Justice, featured on RTÉ1 on Thursday nights?

The FG justice line-up, with Enda second from the right

The cast of Justice (with Enda second from right)

The party line is that it's actually two different people, one an actor called Victor Garber: unlikely story, that. Still, it's nice to think of Enda taking on a whole new personality. I mean, just a personality of any sort would be nice.

Enda Kenny and JusticeJustice and Enda Kenny
Enda Kenny"Victor Garber" as "Ron Trott"

(PS: It seems we're not the first to notice this: they even went for the same pictures. must be more of those coincidences floating about the place.)